Qualities And Features You See In A High-Quality Shingle Roof

When you need a roof replacement, experts often urge you to go look at roofs installed by various local roofing companies, compare them, and hire the company whose work you like best. This is good advice, but it is not very complete. You really need to know which features and qualities to focus on as you are looking at and comparing recently installed roofs. Here are some key qualities and features you can expect to see in the best shingle roofs.

Drip Edge 

Look right along the very edge of the roof where the shingles reach the eaves. Do you see the edge of what appears to be a vinyl or metal sheet? This is drip edge. It serves to protect the more delicate edges of the roof from water and ice damage. The best roofers always include drip edge on a roof, and in wet climates, they'll use extra thick, strong drip edge. The inclusion of drip edge shows that a roof replacement company pays attention to details and likes to design roofs that resist damage over time.

Flashing in the Valleys

A valley is a place where two parts of your roof come together. Water may settle in valleys and sit there, which can accelerate damage in these areas. So, some roofers like to use metal flashing in valleys. If you see metal flashing in the valleys of a roof, that is a good sign that the roofer who installed that roof is thorough and aware of water flow patterns.

You also want to see flashing around chimneys and vents. Make sure it looks like it is firmly attached and in good condition. It would be unusual to see a roof without flashing, but if the flashing appears to be missing, that is definitely a red flag.

An Ample Gutter System

Some roofing companies install gutters, and others subcontract out this part of the job. But either way, gutters are very important to protect the roof from water damage. You want to hire a roofing company whose roofs are well-equipped with gutters on every side. Also check that the gutters are all gently sloped towards the downspouts, which will allow them to empty properly.

When looking at shingle roofs installed by various companies, pay close attention to the gutters, drip edge, and flashing. Roofers who do a good job of installing these elements are usually roofers you want to hire.

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