How Do You Know If An EPDM Roof Was Damaged During A Hailstorm?

EPDM roofs are very resistant to hail damage, but they're not completely immune. EPDM is a strong synthetic rubber, and small hailstones will simply bounce off the surface. Large hailstones, however, can tear the surface if they fall at an angle, and they can also ruin the glue that keeps the membrane secured to the building. Both types of damage can lead to leaks. If you have an EPDM roof and are wondering how you can tell if it was damaged during a hailstorm, read on.

How Can You Tell if an EPDM Roof Has Been Damaged by Hail?

You'll need to hire a roofing contractor and have them closely examine the EPDM membrane to see if it was damaged by hail. Using a flashlight, they'll inspect the entire surface of the roof to look for any small cracks in the membrane. If they find cracks, they'll measure them to see if they go through the entire thickness of the membrane. If a crack penetrates through the entire membrane, it will allow your roof to leak, and the damaged membrane will need to be replaced.

A roofing contractor will also inspect the substrate underneath the EPDM membrane to check for hail damage. An EPDM membrane is installed by gluing it to a rigid material like plywood, foam boards, or gypsum boards. The rigid material underneath the EPDM membrane can be dented by an impact from a large hailstone. The dent will cause the membrane to detach from the substrate. This makes your roof more likely to be damaged by high winds since a detached membrane is more prone to be carried away by a powerful gust of wind.

How Do You Repair an EPDM Roof That's Been Damaged by Hail?

Any portion of the membrane that has been torn by hail will need to be patched by a roofing contractor. Thankfully, patching an EPDM roof is a quick and easy process. A roofing contractor can simply glue down a thin patch over the torn areas to make them watertight again.

If any of the rigid substrate beneath the EPDM membrane are dented from hail impacts, they'll need to be replaced. The membrane above the dented area will be cut off and the substrate will be changed out for an undamaged board. Afterwards, a new section of EPDM membrane can be glued to the substrate to repair the roof.

If you own an EPDM roof and think it may have been damaged during a hailstorm, call a hail roof repair service in your area and have it inspected. The inspection needs to be performed by a professional roofing contractor since it can be very difficult to see the tiny tears in the EPDM membrane. Patching all of the torn areas of the membrane and replacing the dented substrate boards will stop your roof from leaking.

For more info, contact a local company.

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